13.07.2012 06:39
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Roundtable on trade with timber in Ukraine

Hannes Maurer, Commercial Attaché at the Austrian Embassy in Ukraine, is carefully listening to the translation of the participants’ speeches.

A roundtable discussion on problems related to developing a transparent timber market took place at the World Bank office in Kyiv under the ENPI FLEG Program. Representatives from large enterprises as well as small and medium-sized companies took part in the event.
The State Forest Resources Agency was represented by the lead specialist Victor Kalenichenko. An interesting speech was delivered by Mr Maurer, Commercial Attaché at the Austrian Embassy in Ukraine, who shared experiences regarding problems in the Ukrainian timber market and the obstacles confronted by Austrian companies wanting to invest in the forest sector in the country.  

Three presentations by ENPI FLEG experts were shown to the roundtable participants:

  • Oleksandr Stegniy, Doctor of Social Sciences, disclosed the results of a survey carried out among representatives of small and medium-sized wood processing enterprises;
  • Vitaliy Storozhuk brought up for discussion proposals related to the preparation for the introduction of EU Regulation No995, adherence to which should guarantee the legality of timber supplied to the EU market;
  • Valeriy Podkorytov talked about the opportunities for small and medium-sized wood processing companies in the current timber trade system and presented proposals for their improvement.