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28.03.2012 11:58
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Georgian State Forest department trained on geoinformation systems

GIS training for Forest Department employees in Georgia. Photo by R.Japaridze

From February 6 through March 2, 2012 the Global Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing Consulting Center GeoGraphic conducted training in geoinformation systems for the staff of the Forest Department of the Natural Resources Agency at the Georgian Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. The training was part of the ENPI FLEG activities of the World Bank.

The main purpose of the training was to teach participants the application of geoinformation systems, specifically the ArcGIS Desktop system. Seventeen employees of central and regional offices of the Natural Resources Agency attended the training. It consisted of an introduction to ArcGIS Desktop and training on the instruments for the creation, management and analysis of GIS data. The training consisted of presentations, practical exercises and independent work with the application.  The course also included testing of the level of acquired knowledge by trainees and the results varied between 80 and 93 out of 100 points.

Since 1998, GeoGraphic has been contributing extensively to the development and utilization of modern technologies for spatial information management in Georgia. GeoGraphic performs its activities in areas, including environmental protection and natural resources management. Within the training in geoinformation systems for the Forest Department staff, GeoGraphic may also provide additional support for trainees over the following 6 months if such need arises.

For more information on the training please contact Mr. Rati Japaridze, ENPI FLEG coordinator from the World Bank: rati.japaridze@enpi-fleg.org