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IUCN is seeking for a Consultant Company to deliver the Production and Broadcasting a PSA

IUCN is seeking for a Consultant Company (NGO, Firm etc.) to deliver the Production and Broadcasting a Public Service Announcement (PSA) in the framework of ENPI FLEG program in Azerbaijan regions.

About the Program: The ENPI FLEG program supports governments, civil society, and the private sector in participating countries in the development of sound and sustainable forest management practices, including the reducing the incidence of illegal forestry activities. Participating countries include Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. This program is funded by the European Union and is being implemented by the World Bank, WWF and IUCN.


Under the overall and direct supervision of the ENPI-FLEG Program Country Communications Coordinator Azerbaijan, the Consultant will be responsible for the production of:

  • A video spot, Public Service Announcement (PSA) with the following theme: («unsustainable use of the forest resources»).
  • Broadcasting («unsustainable use of the forest resources»)

The PSA will have 90 seconds and will include the logos of the Government of Azerbaijan, FLEG, sponsoring and implementing organizations, regular disclaimers for Azerbaijan.


  1. Pre-production stage (1 week). The producer will become familiar with the FLEG process in Azerbaijan; will meet and discuss the Forestry and illegal logging issues with forestry specialists who were engaged in FLEG issues and IUCN to produce the necessary message.
  2. Production (1 week). The producer will carry out the production of the PSA according to the script approved. The PSA must communicate the message that the time is up and the need for the forest protection is pressing, it will address the issue of illegal logging and highlight the role of the respective organizations in the Azerbaijani forestry sector. The Consultant will ensure obtaining the copyrights to use the images, music and voice over. After finishing the actual filming and field work, the Producer will present the product to the Client, for feed-back.
  3. Post production (2 days).  The final products, the PSAs will include the logos of the Government of Azerbaijan, FLEG, disclaimers, etc. All necessary copyrights will be obtained by this stage. The final product will be presented to the Client for approval.  A version in English (subtitles) of each PSA will also be produced.
  4. Broadcasting (4 weeks). Will be presented in (write here channel name in Azerbaijan where movie will be broadcasted). 


  • The Producer will present at the terms mentioned above the reports including the scripts, footage, storyboards, etc. which will ensure gradual approval of the products and minimize the risks of an inadequate product. 
  • The final product, the three PSAs, will be presented under the following format: BETACAM, DVCAM, MXF, MPG, MOV uncompressed. The English translation version will be presented only on DVCAM and MPG.


The producer must be a company with at least three years experience in producing video and audio materials on environment and social themes.

Location: Baku, Azerbaijan

Duration: 3 Month

Starting date: October 2010

Application process: Applications should be emailed to: azer.garayev@enpi-fleg.org and should include CVs of key staff and References forms provided.

Deadline: final deadline for submitting applications is September 24, 2010. Only short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview.

 1.03.To R PSA Production and Broadcasting (233 kB)