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21.12.2011 13:37
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WWF Azerbaijan is seeking a consultant to conduct training of local villagers

WWF Azerbaijan is seeking a consultant to conduct training of local villagers in forest-based apiculture in two villages in Ismailly and Oguz districts, Azerbaijan  

1.  Objective of the assignment

The objective of this assignment is to train representatives of households in two villages in Ismailly and Oguz district, to promote forest-based apiculture business. After the training, several local households will be ready to start bee keeping activities. The selected households will be given bee hives, bee families and necessary materials and equipment free of charge. Ismailly and Oguz districts have been selected by forest consultants for this pilot activity because of its proximity to Shahdagh National Park.

2.  Scope of work and time schedule
The overall duration of training is two days in each village. Under the supervision of the Project Manager (WWF Azerbaijan), the consultant will:

  • Conduct training of selected representatives of households (about 30 participants from each village);
  • Based on the outcomes of training, select ten most successful participants for transferring bee keeping equipment free of charge to start apiculture business; the number of households selected for transferring the equipment might be changed based on the initial assessments and  available budget;
  • Prepare a final report on the process and outcomes of the training activities as well as specific recommendations and submit to WWF Azerbaijan within one calendar week after the completion of the training.  

3.  Qualification requirements and evaluation criteria

  • Extent of knowledge of local socio-economic and environmental conditions in Ismailly and Oguz districts;
  • Extent of knowledge and practical experience in apiculture;
  • Good communication skills and ability to cooperate with local community members.

4. Application process: Applications should be emailed to: office@wwfcaucasus.az and should include a CV and Cost Estimate of services (please use the forms provided)

5. Deadline: WWF Azerbaijan is seeking to fill this position as soon as possible; the final deadline for submitting applications is January 20, 2012. Only short-listed candidates will be evaluated and, if needed, interviewed.

6. Duration: Two month starting in February, 2012.

 1.03.To R training in bee keeping AZE (83 kB)
 1.04.CV sample Azerbaijan (25 kB)
 Cost Estimate of Services AZE (31 kB)