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12.03.2012 08:36
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IUCN Moldova seeks consultancy for assessment on forestry reforming

IUCN Moldova is seeking a consultancy which would conduct an assessment for developing the Forestry Institutional Reform Strategy in Moldova (FIRSM), as part of the ENPI FLEG Program in the country.
The main goals of this activity are to:
(i) Conduct an analysis of national forestry policies regarding responses to socio-economic and environmental needs of the country;
(ii) Design possible structural transformations for optimized resource redistribution and improved forest management;
(iii) Consider preconditions and needs of all stakeholders and their involvement, and ensure that their opinions are taken into consideration;
(iv) Provide multi-sectoral cooperation;
(v) Develop a draft of the FIRSM Concept and Action Plan documentation(s).
This vacancy is suitable for any environmental organization (NGOs, research institutes, companies, etc.) with qualifications in forestry issues, ability to demonstrate sufficient experience in national, regional and international projects related to forestry in Moldova.
For more details see the TOR here. Applications should be emailed in English to aurel.lozan@enpi-fleg.org and should include the organization’s portfolio, the financial proposal and CVs of experts meeting the TOR's requirements (please use CV sample provided below).
Applications are accepted as soon as possible, but not later than March 15th, 2012, or until a suitable candidate is found. Only selected candidates will be contacted
For any enquires do not hesitate to contact aurel.lozan@enpi-fleg.org.

 1.03.TOR Forestry Institutional Reform Moldova FLEG 2012 (111 kB)
 1.04.CV sample FIRSM Moldova 2012 (14.9 kB)