26.04.2011 09:26
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Law Enforcement and Sustainable Forest Management in the Context of Wildfire Control to be Discussed in Moscow

A roundtable "New Approaches to Forest Management and Wildfire Prevention in the Russian Federation" will be organized in Moscow on April 27, 2011, by the Committee of Nature Use and Ecology of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry jointly with the World Bank and the Russian Federal Forestry Agency. This event is organized by the World bank within the framework of the ENPI FLEG Program.

The discussion will focus on questions concerning the improvement of forest law enforcement and governance; drafting a legal framework in the sphere of  forest legal relations in connection with the recent amendments to the RF Forest Code; measures to strengthen interagency interaction and coordinate activities on the basis of agreements reached with government bodies responsible for the present and future condition of the country‚Äôs forests; the new requirements to forming and regulating forest relations in forest fire protection and reforestation on forest fund areas affected by fires; and steps to expand public access to information about forest management practices, forest policy implementation and forest conservation, reproduction and protection activities.

The discussion will be attended by representatives of the federal legislative branch; regional ministries, agencies, government authorities and forest governance bodies; the World Bank, international environmental organizations, timber companies, academic and public organizations, control and oversight authorities, forest users, forest sector businesses and environmental NGOs.