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10.11.2011 08:32
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Post-fire forest restoration on the agenda in Moscow

Millions of hectares of Russian forests require restoration after recent fires.(Photo by A. Zaytsev)

On November 11, the Natural Resource Management and Environment Committee of the Russian Chamber of Commerce together with the Russian Federal Forestry Agency and the World Bank will hold a roundtable to discuss the status of forest ecosystems and post-fire restoration of forests.

The roundtable supported by ENPI FLEG will consider the following issues:

  • The status of forests which went on fire in 2010-2011;
  • Measures to improve forest governance and forest law enforcement in the Russian Federation;
  • New approaches to forest management, forest planning, forest utilisation and rescue operations in burnt stands, forest renewal, conservation of forest ecosystems in protected areas, forest pest management, and forest fire management;
  • Measures taken by forest corporations, medium and small forest businesses to improve competitiveness and consumer value of harvested wood, develop downstream processing of wood pulp and introduce the green economy principles in the timber industry;
  • Measures to strengthen and coordinate interagency cooperation based on agreements reached by forestry authorities;
  • Public access to information about forest use, renewal and conservation.

It is expected that the roundtable will be attended by representatives of legislative authorities, ministries and agencies, regional authorities, regional forest management bodies, the Russian Aerial Forest Fire Centre, the Russian Forest Health Centre, the World Bank, international conservation organisations, forest users, timber industry companies, forest business community, academia and civil society, regulatory and supervisory bodies, and mass media. Upon discussion, a resolution is to be adopted.

The draft program of the event can be found below.

 2011 11 09 agenda eng (172 kB)