28.03.2012 12:41
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ENPI FLEG presented at the International Forestry Forum in Arkhangelsk

On April 12 2012, the roundtable “Forest Management and Legislation Improvement in the Sphere of Forest Fire Prevention and Elimination” will be  held during the International Forestry Forum in Arkhangelsk (April 11-13, 2012). The roundtable will be sponsored jointly by Arkhangelsk Ministry of Natural Resources and timber companies and the World Bank in the framework of the ENPI FLEG Program.

At the roundtable, the ENPI FLEG Program key results and lessons will be discussed. Best Program practices will be presented by World Bank experts. The practical aspects of improving forest law and governance on a federal and regional level will be considered, and the topical issue of improving forest safety management and protection from fires, diseases and pests will be covered.

The discussion will be attended by officials from the Federal Forestry Agency and Forestry authorities from Arkhangelsk and other regions of the country, World Bank experts, WWF and IUCN, forest safety professionals, and timber industry representatives. Participants from the European Commission, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus and other ENPI FLEG countries will take part in this international event.

A resolution is expected to be the outcome of the Forum.